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FCYFL Age/Weight Matrix

In an attempt to make every team as equitable as possible, the FCYFL developed their Age/Weight Matrix as the standard for each division. This table also helps provide the players the safest environment possible to play football.

First, the player's age is calculated on October 1st of the current season. If you scroll directly down from that age, the colored boxes are the Division's you are eligible to play in. the Weight in the box below your age is the maximum weight you can weigh on the day of the "weigh-in" to play team on that line.

There are some exceptions. The youngest age group in each weight class can play under an "Unlimited" provision at the respective level. "Unlimited" players do not have a maximum weight but cannot line up in any position to handle the ball on offense (except for center). If "Unlimited" players are on offense, they must play on the offensive line but never as an eligible receiver.

* Maximum weight for a player to carry the ball in Anklebiters is 70lbs. Anklebiter players over the 70lb limit and all other unlimited players at other weight classes are not eligible to play in a position that normally handles the ball unless they are at or below the listed maximum ball carrier weight (the weight limit listed next to "Unlimited/" on the chart above). Positions excluded for unlimited players exceeding the maximum ballcarrier limit include all offensive backfield positions, all eligible receivers and tight end positions, and any position not on the first line of a special teams formation. Exceptions include the offensive positions of center, punter, and placekicker.


** 15 year olds that turn 16 on or before December 31st must play 155lbs.
*** 16 year olds that turn 17 on or before December 31st are not eligible to play.

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